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David Mills
Location: Bedworth, Warwickshire
I knew Liam for a number of years and helped in the printing and laminating of posters for the many events in which he was involved over the course of that time. I helped also with the Orders of Service for his brother's wedding.
Liam was without doubt a one-off. A talented, charismatic and industrious young man who achieved high levels of success both for himself and for his students. He spoke of those he trained with such interest, passion and devotion. Now I'm retired after a life of secondary teaching and I can say without fear of contradiction I will never again meet a young man of such quality and integrity.

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Liam would have been 33 today. How time flies in some ways but seems to stand still when each morning when you wake up is as raw as the last. I take comfort from the fact that he is remembered often and spoken about with such enthusiasm. Never to be forgotten x

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It's true what they say about not knowing what you've lost until it's gone. Liam took me under his wing at the age of 14 and growing up I didn't have much support from my dad. Without a doubt Liam was a father/brother figure to me and I don't think he realised how much I appriciated that. I'm not the most emotional person in the world and it's hard to find a genuine decent human being, I'm sure everyone that knew him would agree that he was always willing to put others before himself, Anything you needed he would bend over backwards for you and thats why him and his fighters had such a good bond.
I will forever and always be greatful for the support the man gave me and Im wounded I was silly enough to throw away the opportunity for him to get me to the top.

Thai boxing won't be the same but from now on I will fight to make you proud.

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Connor McCormack
Location: Northampton
Some people go through life inspiring others to be the best they can be, an Liam was definitely one of those people! Always went out his way to make sure I had always got up early enough to go running (by pinging my bbm like mental) I'm sure we can all relate to this haha! Helped me achieve so many goals in life not just in muaythai but career wise Aswell, by helping me with my first CV for a job application, there isn't enough words that I can use to describe what he did for anyone he had met along his journey but what I can tell you is, no matter who,where or when he met you, he made such an impact on your life you'll never forget! Will never forget the moments we shared as a team!

RIP Kru! X

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Thinking about Liam's spirit at this time...God bless his soul...No doubt his soul is safe in God's arms. Love always

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Simon Forrest
Location: Saint Idiots
Liam was one of the most interesting people I've ever met. He made me feel so welcome when I joined Superpetch and quickly became more of a best friend than a trainer. His banter was second to none and I was often on the receiving end of it. I loved the way he wound people up he got a major buzz out of it. He was a proper joker. He was definitely one in a million, the way he touched so many people lives from all walks of life, everyone of his fighters had their own close bond with Liam. I'm so lucky to have known him and enjoyed his company in the relatively short time I knew him. The world is a sadder place without him there's not a day goes by I don't think about you or miss you.

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Davy mac
Top man!! always sound with me over the years even if he did try blame me for a certain fire extinguisher incident haha, always up for a laugh and a wind up, still hard to believe......thoughts to all his close friends and family

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James Buckland!
Liam was the man! Liam will never be forgotten, his legacy continues through all those Super Petch guys! A great trainer, fighter and ambassador to UK Muay Thai. This guy did more for the sport behind the scenes than anyone can imagine! He inspired me to expose the sport through photography. It made my day when he messaged me once to say he liked the shots I took, that was better than any award, made me a millionaire for the day inside! I have improved since then and I wish he could see my work now! I miss the banter more than anything else! God bless you Liam, sleep well! We are sure to meet again one day till then.......... James!

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carol ( mum)
Location: northamptonshire
How do you come to terms with losing a son? You don't. Losing a loving,funny,complex, inspirational personality like Liam is hard beyond belief. He gave so much and asked for so little.He was so charismatic that he could hold any audience. The world is a sadder place without him and my heart is broken. Our unique bond and happy memories are what must keep us going. Xx

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Scott Robinson
Location: Northampton
Never has it been so hard to write so few words that can't come close to how we feel. Liam was the best brother, friend and uncle anyone could ever ask for. He gave us so much that we could never repay him. He somehow managed to have an impact on people if they had known him for years or only just met him. We struggle on lost each day in this world without him with us. X

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Paul McGowan
Location: Bedford
Some humans go above and beyond anything in life to help someone else realize a dream. You were that human!! And you will always be part of that dream my friend.... there will never be enough words of thanks i can offer to you with all your time, help and love you shared with Daniel, thanks for being part of my family then, now and always x

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Justin Downing
Location: Sidcup
I never really knew Liam very well, mostly from social media and emails but he certainly had a great sense of humour and a gift for making trouble without malice. He was too young to go and had a bright future ahead of him. Muay Thai will be poorer without him. Rest in peace.

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scott mchugh
Location: corby
God bless you mate, I will always remember the times we had at spirit of siam together. it was pleasure knowing you, and I am glad we stayed in touch over the years, R.I.P Liam till we meet again.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 15:45 Write a comment
Timmy TNT
Always a joker and banter on social media was tooooo major!!! Till we meet again for clinch wars and boxing! RIP mate

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 11:03 Write a comment
Location: United States
My heart breaks for the loss of such a beautiful man, inside and out. I find I am at a loss of words to express my deepest condolences to Liam, his family, friends, and teamates.

I had the pleasure of spending some of Liam's last day's with him in the US. He was gentle, giving, intelligent, and spoke always of his boys in the highest regards (He loved you all so much). Liam would have done anything for any one of many he loved.

He will forever be missed and never forgotten; I know now he watches over all of us.

Fly High and Rest In Peace, Cat;
I can't wait to see you again.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 15:11 Write a comment
Location: rugeley
Although i only knew you a short time still a terrible waste of talent and a nice guy. Also the owner of a brutal teep. RIP bud.

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Jesse Saunders
Location: Woking
I am so going to miss your wit and sense of humour, and the odd wind up or two...

RIP Liam, your legacy will forever carry on. xx

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Dann Cucuta
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Though we only got to know each other for just a week, I feel like I've known Liam for a much longer time. There was something I saw in him that was very much like myself. A kindred spirit. I had the privilege of learning from him for one a few short sessions, but what was learned will last. Much like myself I saw someone that always smiled, regardless of his situation. A jokester at heart. By the time he left Pittsburgh to fly home, he didn't feel like someone I'd just met, but like an old, good friend that I didn't yet want to say goodbye to. Rest in peace, my friend. We'll be sparring on the other side one day guv'na lol.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 14:09 Write a comment
Location: Northampton
A true warrior in everything he took part in, and a respected and loved human being worldwide.
Liam, you will be missed always, but you will continue to live on through everything you have achieved, the friendships forged, and moments that you turned into memories.
I hope God makes a good sparring partner!
Rest in peace brother xx

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:24 Write a comment
Sean Toomey
Location: Southampton
God bless you Liam, such a terrible shame that you have gone so young!
You officiated on many of my shows, and always had complete faith in your decisions!
Great fighter, trainer and connoisseur of Muay Thai!
UK Muay Thai is much poorer without you in it!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:17 Write a comment
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